The Oxford Test of English is a computer-adaptive general English proficiency test. Developed by Oxford University Press and certified by the University of Oxford, it is more flexible and faster than traditional proficiency tests.The Oxford Test of English is available to test takers 365 days a year, in any module combination (Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing) with tests results available in just 14 days!

The Oxford Test of English is available in 19 countries

The test is a multi-level, general English proficiency test which assesses the ability to understand and communicate effectively in English, reporting at three CEFR levels: B2, B1, and A2.



  • Online programming
  • Online testing
  • Online results


  • The Reading and Listening modules are tailored to the level of the person tested
  • The tests are never too heavy or too light
  • Shorter testing time
  • Motivational experience


  • Safe test conditions
  • Verification and surveillance procedures
  • Secure online environment
  • The adaptability of the test items reduces the risk of miscarriage


  • Receiving results for Reading and Listening tests on the day of testing
  • Results for Speaking and Writing tests within 14 days


  • Individual or combined modules for Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading
  • Ability to repeat testing of one of the modules or a combination thereof


  • Testing available 365 days a year
  • Possibilities for testing their in 14 days after the programming